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When you have a house help who steals

I have never been one to change house helps frequently. That was only until recently when I hired a DM who came to my house with a get-rich-quick desire. Remember when just recently I mentioned her curiosity to know the price of everything I bought?

She later came and told me how in about two months she would leave to start a new business. It was a gamble, but I let her sail in her own imagination. A couple of days after I paid her salary, she came home with a large bottle of lotion that she claimed to have bought.

A few minutes later, she exclaimed at how some shopkeepers need to be more watchful. “How do you give a customer your products then turn away from them? They will definitely steal them!”

Alarming signs

Lotion in hand, she looked as guilty as sin itself. “That lotion is quite pricey,” I noted, knowing all too well the many debts she’d had to clear that month. “I hope you didn’t steal it.” Seeing that I was not on her side, she quickly changed her story and gave some flimsy excuses.

I didn’t brush it off, but I acted as though I had. With a watchful eye, I monitored closely how she made her plans and in a few weeks, she wanted to leave. I didn’t stop her, but I did something else.

How much have I lost in the past?

I let her pack her bags then asked her to bring them to the living room. I would check them later at night while she slept. I was shocked to see how despite telling her that I would check, she still played cunning and hid stuff she intended to steal.

I found my children’s innerwear, socks a few T-shirts rolled in between some of her clothes. She also intended to carry a guest towel I had offered her to use.

I became more curious and requested to check her handbag in the morning. Hesitantly, she opened it up and my youngest baby’s new socks, and clothes fell out of it. It had never occurred to me to check my house helps bags. I know better now.