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Everyday apps that have revolutionised life

The 21st Century has come with a lot of perks. Among them, technology, which has made everyday life more efficient. Here are some aspects of life that have been simplified and are bound to make living even better thanks to the apps at our fingertips, writes Grace Wachira

1. Home décor apps

Gone are the days you’d have a hard time spicing up your living space. Applications such as DIY Home Décor can now help you craft pieces you can use in your home. The nature of these apps may come in form of games that tweak the way you would spruce up your living space.  

2. Money apps

Most banks right now either have or are developing their own applications. Banking apps are a must-have and they definitely save on the time spent on queues. They have also made money transactions much faster and efficient. Take M-Pesa, which made its mark and financial institutions are following suit. Tala and Branch are some of the most used sites for instant loans and have made some money problems go away, albeit, for a week or two. There’s also Utunzi, Stawika, Haraka, Saidia and Okolea, among others.

3. Health apps

The trips to the doctors for consultancy are gone! Ensuring you are leading a healthy lifestyle can be achieved just by installing an application on your phone. Take Positive Thinking — an app that helps with depression. It abates mental breakdowns seeing as nowadays; people take to the Internet for solutions. This application and Operation Reach Out are solutions on how to deal with mental fitness. MyFitnessPal and Lose It! are among some applications that help you keep fit and monitor you and your working out routine.  

4. Eat out apps

There are those days or nights that going out for lunch or cooking seems tedious. Apps such as Uber Eats  and Jumia Foods have simplified the process. There’s no need to even go out since food will be delivered right to your office or house.

5. Driving apps

Google Maps has not only made places easier to find, but it also indicates the fastest routes to follow when avoiding traffic. Ulysse Speedometer is another application that helps you keep track of speed, altitude and acceleration as long as you are in motion. Talk about driving made easy.

6. Travel apps

Travel apps like Skyscanner that have most of the travel essentials come in handy. From booking flights to car hires, it pays to have a great travel app. Having an application like Airbnb on your smartphone goes a long way when on those travel expeditions and not to mention the basic cab applications that ease movement on a daily basis.

7. Music apps

Spotify, Apple Music and Songa by Safaricom, are just a few music apps changing the way we receive music. These apps let you in on all the music you would love to listen to. Music makes life much better and having a music menu a tap away is the way to go.

8. Tracking everyday activities

A lot of ladies nowadays have these apps on their smartphones. Ladies keep track of their menses using application like Period Calendar and Flo Period Calendar. Knowing when to expect menses helps plan and also stay safe. Personalised diaries have become a trend too and Google offers a great way to schedule meetings and other everyday activities.

9. Dating apps

Say goodbye to being single. Meeting people has never been this easy. The invention of these apps eases the struggle of getting dates. Tinder and OkCupid are some applications that have been proven to work. The ‘love of your life’ is just an app away.

10. Shopping apps

Shopping has been made a nonissue thanks to online shopping. Alibaba, Mall of Africa, Amazon, Ebay and Jumia are just a few of the popular apps you can use to shop for items from books to clothes to electrical appliances. They are an efficient and convenient way to buy items at the comfort of your house or office.