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JP intact, says Ruto amid claims of split

Winstone Chiseremi @Wchiseremi

Jubilee Party is still intact contrary to propaganda being peddled through the media that the ruling party is on the verge of disintegration, Deputy President William Ruto said yesterday.

Speaking in Nandi county during a funds drive in aid of Kamarich Africa Inland Church (AIC), Ruto said there was no leadership vacuum in the party as critics claim.

The party, he said, was solid and strong under the leadership of President Uhuru Kenyatta and those peddling lies and propaganda over its future should stop wasting their time.

“Jubilee party under the leadership of the president is still intact and stronger and those talking contrary about its future are prophets of doom,” he said.

Ruto said any attempts to cause rifts in Jubilee Party by outside forces were bound to fail because of its strong foundation, unity among members and development track record.

He said Jubilee’s record cannot be matched by any of the previous governments and told its competitors to stop distracting their focus aimed at uplifting the standards of Kenyans.

“The presence of Jubilee administration can be felt in all corners of the country through mega infrastructural projects such as constructions of roads, dams and equitable distribution of electricity to various homes,” he said.

Ruto said the government was keen to take development projects to all areas regardless of how people voted in the last general election as it was its duty to ensure the people benefit from the national cake.

He regretted that his competitors have now resorted to surveys to malign his political image due to his rising star, and urged them to prepare for a titanic political and development battle ahead.

“After failing to match my development track record and political strength, my competitors have now resorted to tarnish my image by linking me to corruption through a sponsored survey conducted by Ipsos Synovate,” he said.

Ruto said he would continue to spend his time and resources to help the needy in the society and construction of churches across the country regardless of what people say about his activities.

“I spend my money to build churches where people can worship God and to help the people across country,” he said.