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What your beard says about you

Dan Njoroge

Has it ever crossed your mind that your beard says volumes about your personality? Read through to find out the non-verbal signals the state of your beard sends.

Clean shaven: This is the oldest and most popular beard style, and is sometimes considered a boyish style. Clean shave is popular with wordsmiths such as authors and journalists who are well groomed. Just to emphasize on how popular a clean shave is; the more senior the position one holds in an organisation, the less facial hair they are likely to spot.

Chin beard: It is says you are rowdy, rebellious and like attention, especially if it is dyed. A solid, shaped one means you are an alpha male and someone who’s totally comfortable in manhood. It is tedious to maintain, just like a mustache.

Goatee: It’s similar to the he goat’s, thus the name. lt is a mature style that shows willingness to experiment in life. This style best suits older men with distinguished positions in society. A goatee adds character, shape and definition for men with chubby faces or gentle chins.

Moustache: This is not very common, and it restricts the wearer from doing a number of things such as sipping tea. Also, woe unto you if you have a cold, because you will also have to clean your moustache after blowing your nose. On the flip side, it portrays that a man is confident about himself and has impeccable manners to complete the look.

Chinstrap: The chinstrap is a narrow line of beard extending from the hairline of one side of the face to other, following the jaw line and covering the chin. A chinstrap requires meticulous grooming and its wearers are said to be the type of people who are substantially concerned with their appearance.

Sideburns: These portray a man who is still finding himself. They also imply that a guy is confident and cares quite a lot for that hair that wants to keep going down his face. The late American Rock n’ Roll musician Elvis Presley made the thick sideburns, which were part of his trademark in the 70s, sophisticated.

Full beard: It is seen as a sign of shyness, enthusiasm or laziness, depending on how it is. A full beard is a distinguished look, which is why it is popular with college professors such as Prof Anyang’ Nyong’o. It is also viewed as a sign of wisdom.

The author is a stylist at Czars n’ Combs, Iqbal Centre, Taveta Road

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