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Athi River’s ‘stoni’ affair

Gone are days when I would roll out of bed for the next plot of the night. They say it comes with age and responsibility. So, any time I get a chance to take a breather, a road trip always works in my favour.

This time, my destination was in the outskirts of Nairobi. For me, Athi River brings vivid unforgettable memories of serenity and calmness. But what I like the most is the hidden treasures that are nestled in this grand savannah.

An hour-drive from Nairobi CBD leads us to a serene destination named Stoni Athi Resort. The place is not close to the main road, so I would suggest you drive through to it during the day to enjoy the pristine views that comes with it.  On your way to the resort during the day, you’ll get to enjoy a mini ‘game drive’.

The ‘perfect place to have a jog,’ my inner personality thinks. If I were into sports or fitness, space would have come in handy. But its never too late, or is it? Plus it wasn’t a staycation, so I really could not explore much.

The resort boasts 54 spread-out guestrooms, set up like traditional manyattas, only modern and well organised. They place has two-bedroom cottages equipped with a kitchen and single rooms as well. The kitchen doesn’t necessarily suggest that you can self-cater, because I really did not see any kitchenware.

I remember how I once spent a night in a Mombasa hotel and I got sheepishly lost every time I wanted to go to my room. That was not the case at Stoni. During the day you can spot a number of animals taking lazy strolls within the resort, but the best time to enjoy such refreshing moments is early mornings.

In this case, we spotted animals such as impala, giraffe and wildebeest. There is also a swimming pool in case you want to take a dip. You can also take a ride on a quad bike and experience the awe-inspiring nature that engulfs this amazing place.

Although I was there for just a day, I felt I should have gone there in a group. I think the more you are in such a place, the merrier, plus the place is a great place for team building.

I enjoyed having lunch at the resort’s restaurant because their food tasted and smelled fresh. On inquiry, they told me all their produce comes from their farm and is 100 per cent organic. This gave my sensitive tummy some sort of relief. Lately, it’s been hard for me to trust eating in hotels.

So, in case you want some quiet and serene environment or a place to conduct a team building, Stoni Athi Resort appears to be a sound option.

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