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Idyllic mountain slopes

Jaqanaz is more of a resort than just a hotel. It’s massive. The establishment is located along Mweiga Road in Naro Moru town, which lies on the tranquil slopes of Aberdare Ranges and Mount Kenya. It is usually a two-hour drive from Nairobi and bursts at the seams with some beautiful scenery.

This was my first time at Naro Moru and I was impressed by everything I saw. We arrived at the resort in the afternoon and I was welcomed with cold lemonade.

How thoughtful! I had been travelling for close to four hours characterised by mild stops here and there. What sets the Jaqanaz Resort apart from other hotels in Naro Moru is the fact that it has a modern theme. The design and architecture incorporates a lot of rustic modern influences.

I was in this trip with one of my cousins, who had just flown in from Dubai and it was never in our expectations that we’d have difficulties a long the way. Most part of the trip, my companion suffered from motion sickness and that explained why the trip took longer than usual.

A platter of fried beef steak.

We checked in some minutes after 3pm and all I was wishing for was a place to stash my things, layback and relax.

Our room was on the first floor and it was impressively spacious.

It overlooked an enormous garden and a massive outdoor swimming pool. The room’s balcony made a fantastic place to relax, soak in the fresh air and savour the stunning view. The room had a large closet that offered a lot of storage space. I was completely engulfed in a sense of serenity.

One outstanding feature is the enormous garden. My mornings were made even more beautiful by the sweet sounds of birds chirping; which gave the experience a jungle feeling.

The hotel is quite new, and some features in the room such as the tea and coffee station, balcony and modern charging ports were impressive. It was definitely a warm welcome with a box of fruit on the living room table lying in wait. Throughout the stay, I’d say the service was on point.

Every time the room service attended to our room, , they’d go an extra mile to make sure everything looked flawless. I was really impressed by how they laid out the towels on the beds in the evening. It’s the small touches that make the big difference. There was no bathtub, which would have been a big plus, but it was alright.

The resort doesn’t have a lot of facilities such as a spa or gym, as it’s more of a family day hang out place. The Jaqanaz has an indoor restaurant that offers a variety of cuisines from buffet, à la carte to evening canapés and drinks.

The club lounge has both an indoor and outdoor seating area. I was impressed by the assortment of alcoholic beverages and soft drinks. To top off all these marvellous amenities, the service also reigned supreme.

The meals were simply fantastic. My favourites included the roasted meat combination plate with fried rice. It was delicious. For dessert, I went for the black forest gateaux.

The facility also offers space for photography and video shooting at a fee, as well as for hosting events. A standard room goes for Sh12,000 depending on the season. I think it’s always nice to have a lovely place to go relax your body and mind after the toiling bustle in the city. I’d recommend this place because of the great service, tranquillity, wonderful ambience and sumptuous food.

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