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Yet another ‘kid’ at Nextgen mall

I told you a while back Mombasa and Kiambu roads are the new Westlands when it comes to clubbing. I’m sure if you’re a hype party person you’ve heard of the new club sitting on the seventh floor of Nextgen mall along Mombasa Road known as Golden Ice Bistro. It opened its doors this August.

I honestly felt like I was in some Chinese city when I first walked into this joint. I don’t know whether it’s the palm trees at the restaurant or the avatars at the door, or maybe the gold-coated seats, to me, it felt a lot like a Chinese club. I like things simple. But I figured that’s what the club stands for, extra.

On the menu, beers go for Sh300 and some bottles of champagne such as Moet fetch at Sh18,000. So, you will need to ‘fatten’ your wallet before you go jamming at Golden Ice. But one thing that stood out for me was the set up. It features an upstairs lounge and a common sitting area with high bar stools downstairs.

Then there are the washrooms that come full with a powdering area. It’s rare to find such a washroom in a club in Nairobi. Generally, the music played here is the hype, trendy type that keeps you on your feet for as long as possible.

The club doesn’t get as full-packed as you’d expect, so you’ll need not to worry about sitting or dancing space, at least for now. It’s still new, understandably, hence the numbers thing.

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