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Free betting tips firm joins Kenyan market

A new betting website known as ChekiOdds has joined the Kenyan market with those wishing to place a wager doing so free of charge.

Betting has become synonymous with Kenyans over the past few years with most of them placing bets every week and ChekiOdds has developed an algorithm that gives out the probability of which team is more likely to win.

While many Kenyans continue to bet aggressively and blindly paying for predictions, tips and odds, the new concepts of odds and comparisons have been introduced by the gaming company to make their winning chances higher.

In the maiden arrangement by ChekiOdds, they compare the odds offered from all the betting companies so that punters can get a higher return for their money.

These odds vary from company to company so by comparing from different entities and observing which one is offering you the highest chances, one can make more money on the same bet.

For example, during the English Premier League game between Chelsea and Arsenal last weekend, punters were only required to visit where the company displayed the odds for the game from a variety of betting firms.

One had to simply click on the odds of the betting company they wanted.

Let’s say you select ‘draw’, and you will observe betting company X is offering the highest for that at 4.02, once you click on it, you will be redirected to that betting firm’s website with this selection already in your betslip.

All you have to do is sign in or register and place your bet. So in this example if you were to place a bet of Sh100 on a draw with betting company Y, (odds are 3.59) you will win Sh359 but if you placed that same bet of a draw with X (odds 4.02) you will win Sh402. That means you would win Sh42 more by placing the bet with X.

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