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Wawira Franky, co-owner of Dishy Magazine

Faith Chebet @chebetkorir

Dishy Magazine is all about celebrating the food, drink and lifestyle culture in our country. This includes bars, lounges and restaurants.

Best meal at the moment I’d say is Spanish food, seafood paella, especially from Rioja to be precise.

The best thing about being Kenyan is that you get more patriotic as you get older. As of now, I understand the uniqueness and diversity of how our cultures affect our day-to-day lives.

My worst hotel experience, which I’d classify as a pet peeve would be impatient waiters. Some nag a lot and I get pissed off.

Best restaurant would probably be Bao Box. Their draft beer smells and tastes good and the best thing about the place is they have Wi-Fi.

Best place I have ever visited in Nairobi is the Memorial Park museum during the recent Nairobi IG tour. It gave me a whole new perspective about how fragile life can be and makes you appreciate the Kenyan spirit of Harambee more.

One thing that many people don’t know about me is that I am spiritual. God comes first in everything that I do.

Biggest misconception people have about me is that I am not Kenyan. Well, I would just to let people know I am from Embu.

The sweetest act anyone has ever done for me would be getting a call from one of my closest friends, offering a solution to a problem I had previously ranted for hours. He clearly thought about me and that was so sweet.

The lowest amount of money I have ever got would be Sh10,000 a month, for an odd job of arranging files for an office. Highest amount, I choose to keep it a secret just for security purposes.  

The worst advice I have ever got was that success is how much money you have. Honestly, success is more about the quality of life you choose to live and growth you allow yourself to go through to be the best version of yourself.

My best childhood memory was when my mother and I would go for dates and try out new restaurants. I miss those days.

My worst habits are not sticking to a strict diet. I love food way too much.

The hardest decision I ever made was quitting employment to work on a full-time magazine.