Economic status when Mzee took final bow

FRED AMINGA  @faminga

In 1978, the key drivers of economic growth, which included agriculture, manufacturing, tourism, transport and the public sector, are not different from today’s.

These key sectors pushed the economy to achieve a relatively satisfactory growth rate in 1978, slightly lower than what was considered a boom in 1977, on account of deteriorated trade.

Contribution of agriculture to the gross domestic product (GDP) fell by 4.2 per cent at current prices in 1978 but there were some substantial advances recorded by other sectors.

Manufacturing contribution to GDP rose by 23.3 per cent at current prices, that of transport and communications sector by 25.9 per cent and construction sector by 17.4 per cent.

The manufacturing sector achieved a growth of 14 per cent in its volume of output in 1978 making the sector the fastest growing of the productive sectors in the economy. There was also a high increase in production of transport equipment in particular which was nearly three times as high as in 1977.

The level of building plans approved by the local authorities in the main urban areas together with increasing level of Government activity on construction held hope of a continuation of increased  construction output. Earnings from tourism were estimated at Sh1.2 billion in 1978.

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