Man arrested with Sh20m stolen Kenya Power equipment

Police in Ruiru have arrested a Kenya Power contractor and confiscated electric equipment and materials worth Sh20 million believed to be property of the power distributor.

The aluminum conductors and other power line associated materials were stored at a private residence in Membley estate. They include electric cables, poles and transformer accessories which police say were destined for Loiyangalani power line in Turkana county.

The suspect, Joseph Kihara, who is said to be a Kenya Power and Rural Electrification Authority certified contractor and owner of the raided house, was booked for grilling at Ruiru Police Station.

Kiambu police commander Adiel Nyange, who led the impromptu raid, said Kihara was sub-contracted by Chinese Electrical Engineering Company, a power company contracted by the government to offer logistics services in Turkana.

Police have been looking for Kihara since August 8 when he won the sub-contract. “After loading his lorry with the materials, Kihara switched off his phone,” said Nyange, adding that police launched a manhunt for Kihara yesterday when the case was reported.

According to Kenya Power security chief officer Samuel Njue, who addressed the press at the scene, the suspect must have been working in cahoots with dishonest company staff.

He said the suspect had cut and coated the electric cables in oil to conceal evidence and their source.

Njue suspected the stolen materials could have  been sold to large-scale metal dealers.

He added that Kenya Power loses over Sh200 million equipment per year to theft.

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