SA top judge urges constitutional change ‘for key population’s sake’

South African Chief Justice Mogeong Mogeong, has urged Kenyans to exercise their sovereign powers in amending the Constitution to allow for the recognition of the key population.

Key population includes people who inject drugs, men who have sex with men (MSM), transgender, sex workers and intersex.

Mogeong said every country’s Constitution should be informed by the needs, wishes and decisions of the people.

“Time has come for African states to make their own informed decisions without the influence of the super powers, let Kenyans take the task ahead of them and see how the rights and needs of those people can be included in the constitution,” he said.

Addressing judicial officers and lawyers at the Mombasa Law Courts, he said the South African Constitution has catered for the needs of the key population.

He also urged the Judiciary to stop venting on the reduction of resources allocated to it and instead focus on delivering justice.

“Kenya is not an exception in the reduction of Judiciary funding. Let the heads of the three arms of government call for a meeting to resolve the issues within,” he said.

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