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Help end Tae Kwondo wrangles, stakeholders plead

Stakeholders in Tae Kwondo are seeking the intervention of the Cabinet secretary for sports Rashid Mohamed to help end the wrangles, which have rocked the sector for quite sometime.

The stakeholders said should the wrangles at the national council go unresolved, the game could be headed for collapse.

Murang’a County Tae Kwondo Association  chairman Ndung’u Ng’ang’a lamented that the game has lost its glory even at the international level where the country used to shine.

Further, he said the ban imposed on them not to participate in the international competition has also been hurting the players who were largely relying on the game for a living.

“We had so many players who had their eyes set at the international competitions but their hopes have been dashed and they have dropped out to look for an alternative,” said Ng’ang’a.

He also said lack of funds has affected their operations and any time they organise for tournaments they have to dip deeper into their pockets.

“The biggest challenge we have is lack of funding from both national and county government and we are forced to make personal contributions for any activity we plan,” he added.

He, however, said some counties have been working towards reviving the game; by organising inter counties Tae Kwondo competitions to attract new players.

“We are working to revive the glory of the game as we await the leadership wrangles at the national level to be resolved,” said Ng’ang’a.

Over the weekend Murang’a hosted over 20 counties and foreign who took part in the tournament.

Saida Wambui, a coach also said they are using the game to help fight alcoholism, drug abuse and crime among the young people, especially in Central region.

She noted that the game instils a lot of discipline in the players and this would be key in fighting the vices.