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When house help craved my life

It all started with my house help, Lavvy, questioning the prices of stuff that she saw in my house. Everything that came into my house seemingly needed to have a price tag to it. “Mama Pesh, and how much did that cost?” She would ask.

I at first didn’t see it as a big deal and easily slithered through the questions. This was primarily on items that were expensive. I, however, offered prices on smaller things; things that one day, she seemed disturbed by the cost of shoes I’d bought. It was then that I began monitoring her behaviour.

Unnecessary pressures

She would follow up on everything I do, trying to be just like me. It should perhaps have flattered me, but knowing someone was working hard to live like me felt weird and well, a little sickening. It got worse when her shocked and awed reactions showed.

“Whoa!” she would exclaim.” I could never afford that in a thousand years!” But was she supposed to? She seemed to be torturing herself and the more she did, the more she annoyed me. Not only did it deny her peace, but I could also see her desire to make it in life grow more and more insatiable

A large bag of air

I needed to put a stop to the next so-how-much-did-this-cost moments. But before I could do anything, she approached me with her assumedly well-planned resolve to finally change her life forever. I have never heard anything as absurd.

“Mama Pesh,” she was more confident than I was on my first job interview. “I have decided to quit after two months, working with you.” I immediately reacted to the shift this news brought, stopped what I was doing and gave her my full attention.

“Oh ya? I thought you’d at least save enough to hold you up for a while.” I was curious to know what led to her decision, but her response completely killed it. “See, I only need two months’ pay, so I start a business at home. Hmm. Two month’s pay and no savings. Does she know businesses need allowances and all to pick?