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Intern-ational showoffs!

It is tradition that one goes for internship before they can graduate from campo. This is where mwakenya ninjas are separated from serious students by being placed in a working environment to replicate what they learnt in school and apply those concepts in real life.

In other words, internships prepares a campus student to handle life in the job market. And while that’s brilliant, as usual, these campo kids are missing the point. To them internship has become a platform to brag and show off!

These people are not working! All they are doing is waiting for the bosses to leave the office so that they can sit on his desk, swing around with the rotating chairs and take pictures. From there we shall be told on social media on how “Life is really working for me” followed by an entire population of hashtags! #GoodLife #AtWorkselfies #IloveMyOffice  Jeez!

Child take a chill pill. You are still in dreamland. First of all, being on internship doen’t mean you got the job. Infact it’s a subtle way to tell you that you are still in class only on a different platform. And it’s not a guarantee that you will get the job either. You could have been an intern in the most prestigious company and end up a newspaper vendor. So, stop bragging yet!

It always baffles me. What on Earth is wrong with these office interns? Why don’t we see ‘workplace selfies’ for those guys who studied medicine and have been posted to the morgue?

“Chilling out with these dead guys. Lol they don’t know I’m here though…” Well, just because you landed in a room with three computers and a rotating chair you think you can intimidate everyone with the tale of how you are working in a big company while you are still in 3rd year…you are an INTERN!

You know what that means? Means you are the toddler in that place waiting to be told what to do, when to do…probably end up being the most worked out person and do you know what’s interesting about that? You will leave without a single penny!

So stop sitting around your boss’s chair and confusing ladies in social media about how you are a CEO of some company at your young age. 

It’s not long before the internship ends, you go back to that god forsaken hostel and find trouble explaining how you lost your job. Owe unto you if the boss finds you on his desk. You won’t even have the internship letter to show! Just pictures and instagram likes. Let’s see if that will get you a job!