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Shining in sassy spirals

Dan Njoroge

She’s the life of the party! A true party girl knows there are three must-haves when preparing for an event. Number one, you’ve got to have “divatude.” You have to know you’re the best thing in the room. Number two, your outfit has to be superb. And number three, the hair must be immaculate.

Hairstylists everywhere are putting the bang back in hair. Check out your favourite celebs’ new do. Chances are, they are sporting a bang. That’s because the bang is staple, whether wearing your hair up or down. It’s finesse transitions beautifully from curls to cutting edge, as seen in this look. It always makes a statement.


Wash and condition the hair then place a plastic cap over it. Sit under a hooded dryer for about 20 minutes or until conditioner fully penetrates the hair. Next, rinse the hair thoroughly and blow-dry it straight with a hand-held blow dryer. Go over the hair with a flat iron.

Then, begin barrel curling the hair with a medium-sized barrel iron to give your bangs a bump. Finger through the tresses, pulling each one apart so that the hair appears fuller. Finally, use a wide-toothed comb for any look you want to create.

Finish by applying holding spray to the hair. You’re ready to sashay with a dash of attitude with those sparkling cascading curls. The author is a stylist at Czars n’ Combs, Iqbal Centre, Taveta Road

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