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KENAS declines to extend ISO deadline as over 100 organizations risk losing licenses

Over 178 users of International Organizations for Standardization or ISO Standards risk losing their certificates when the transition period between older versions and the latest version ISO 9001 comes to end on September 15.

With the deadline fast approaching, the national certification body, Kenya Accreditation Service (KENAS) said only 60 percent of such organizations have since complied, three years after the call was made.

“To date an average of about 60 percent of all certified organizations have successfully transitioned leaving about 40 percent who will lose their certificates for failure to achieve re-certification to the 2015 edition by 14 September 2018,” said the authority’s chief executive Martin Chesire.

Asked whether an extension would be conferred to organizations yet to comply, Chesire said, “They had more than three years to comply, I mean that’s appropriate period really.”

The transition announcement follows a joint directive by ISO and International Accreditation Forum (IAF) that was issued on in October 2015 providing for a three year grace period to all organizations certified to the two standards, namely ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 which is (Environmental Management System).

The move will see such establishments cease from using certification marks or logos including corporate stationery, marketing materials, websites, social media and other branding.

Industrialization Cabinet Secretary Peter Munya yesterday said that the move will also held in weeding of cowboys consultants “claiming to offer certification to Government.”

“We want to strengthen the role of KENAS to have proper legal effect and this will be achieved through the passing of current Kenya Accreditation Bill 2018 already in parliament. We do not want cowboy consultants and briefcase consultants claiming to offer certification to government,” he said.

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