Rosemary spices our lives

Rosemary Njage’s powerful songwriting, careful choice of words and energetic performance sets her apart as a seasoned musician at a time when it has become difficult to tell apart gospel artistes from secular ones. Her husband, Duncan ole Ottoma, lets us in on their love life, career and more

How did you meet Rosemary?

We met in 2008 in a crusade meeting where she had been invited as a guest singer by our church. When I spotted her, for me it was love at first sight. But even as I approached her to forge a relationship with her, she thought it was just a normal friendship and nothing more.

For how long did your courtship last?

We dated for almost one year and got married in 2009. The dating period was somehow the most difficult period for me because she was too busy evangelising, and singing. We had few meetings and sometimes I was even forced to attend some of the events she was ministering just to speak or see her. Nine years down the line, here we are with two children, Royal Prince and Yaddah Praise.

In a nutshell, tell us who is Rosemary?

She is a great wife, mother, actress, humorous and she loves spreading the gospel.

How do you feel being her husband?

I feel fulfilled and count myself blessed.

What sacrifices did she make for your marriage to work?

She left a church she loved, Fountain Gate Church, to join Christ the Source of Life Ministries, Kahawa West where we fellowship to date. She had to edit her circle of friends and also as an artiste, she sometimes has to reschedule her calendar to spare time to be with her family.

What attribute do you admire the most in your spouse?

Her kindness, generosity, aggressiveness and her planning abilities.

Tell us about her music journey? She started music in 2007 when she released her first album Mtukuze Bwana. She then released her second album Mambo Ya Dunia in 2009. Then she did Kula Neno in 2014 a song which thrust her into the limelight. So far, she has released four albums and three singles.

How do you support her music journey?

I’m her number one fan and I believe in her. I pray for her, finance and look after the children when she’s away. In fact, I financially supported her second album Mambo Ya Dunia in 2009 when we were newly married as she didn’t have cash for production.

Any challenges? The biggest challenge she has been facing in her career is having unstable house helps. At times she would, for instance, be invited to perform at an event, then a housegirl chooses to leave without notice throwing her off balance.

What is the most memorable moment in your marriage?

This might be when we got our firstborn. This is because when she got pregnant, the doctor also had bad news for us—she had big fibroids. She was asked to abort the baby, but she refused. After six months no fibroids could be detected and she gave birth normally! Talk of miracles.

She travels far and wide, has this affected your relationship as a family?

Not at all, because she has my permission.

Has being in the limelight changed her in any way or has it affected the family?

No. She is still the same woman I married. However, we have to deal with random people who always want to take selfies with her when we are out enjoying our family time. Also, her social life has changed and she can’t do the usual small things we take for granted such as taking roasted maize by the roadside. I feel for her.

What is it that people don’t know about her?

She is left-handed, humorous and a teacher by profession.

So, who is Duncan? He is a God-fearing man, committed to his family, humorous and principled. To me, family comes first. I am an interior designer by profession.

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