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Why North Rift farmers are unhappy

Winstone Chiseremi @Wchiseremi

Maize farmers in North Rift region yesterday reacted angrily to a raft of conditions they must meet before accessing Sh 1.4 billion released to clear the debt for supplies delivered to the National Cereals and Produce Board (NCPB).

The farmers, who termed the conditions as punitive asked the government to ease the verification process to avoid causing unnecessary anxiety among the already demoralised farming community.

Led by Kimutai Kolum, the farmers said it was unwise for the government to subject them to another set of conditions when they have already undergone the same in the past.

He said that majority of the farmers at the grass root level who delivered their maize at various depots were not aware of the new conditions which he said they will not be able to meet under the current harsh economic times.

Under the new measures, the farmers are required to provide three copies for their ID card, pin certificate, passport photos, weighbridge ticket and original delivery note for their maize at the depots.

The farmers have also been asked to fill in a form  and include their pin and tax compliance certificates as part of the measures aimed at ensuring only genuine people who supplied their maize to the silos are paid their money.

Another farmer, Jackson Kwambai who delivered 1,300 bags to  Eldoret depot early this year, accused the government for scuttling their efforts to be paid their money by coming up with the new measures which he said were unattainable.