Police housing policy assures decent shelter

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A new housing policy for the police service has been prepared ahead of its launch by  President Uhuru Kenyatta this week.

The policy provides for the management of housing in the National Police Service (NPS) with a focus on provision, housing standards, allocation and maintenance of housing that are necessary to ensure there is decent shelter for officers.

It will also provide for clear-cut criteria for the management and allocation of houses within the service. A copy of the policy shows the objectives will be to ensure a well- coordinated provision of housing in the NPS.

Standard housing

“All members of the NPS are entitled to provision of a standard house within the area of jurisdiction or their duty station. In the absence of the above, they shall be provided with flat rate house allowances at an approved rate based on rank,” reads part of the policy.

Uhuru is set to roll out a restructuring process of the service on  Saturday. The process will see some of the officers in the Administration Police join the Kenya Police and turn more than 1,500 police posts to fully fledged stations.

Other policies include training, welfare, counselling, chaplaincy, conflict of interest and guidelines for engagement in trade and business. The housing policy says officers living in police-provided housing will pay commensurate rent and cater for own utility and service costs.

It adds the directorates responsible for housing has overall mandate on housing but shall coordinate with Human Resource directorate on provision of housing to members.

The Inspector General of Police shall establish the NPS Housing directorate with the overall responsibility of activities, which will include keeping records, maintenance, payment of utilities and prepare monthly reports on housing.

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