Outrage over hippo killing

Benard Gitau @benagitau

The extermination of a hippo that killed a Chinese tourist has sparked outrage with conversationists comparing its fate to Mohawk, a majestic 13-year-old lion killed for attacking a man three years ago.

The 2016 killing of the big cat, which earned its name — Mohawk — because of the shape of his unique black mane, angered Kenyans with Kenyans on Twitter (KOT) using hashtag #JusticeforMohawk to question the rangers’ decision. It had strayed from the Nairobi National Park.

Though no justice has been seen to be done for Mohawk, the latest killing of a hippo in Naivasha, had led KOT to call for justice, saying the animal attacked the tourist, who had allegedly trespassed into its territory at night.

In the park and animal sanctuaries bold warnings—“Beware of dangerous wildlife! Respect their privacy! Remember this is their habitat and you are food! — are displayed, yet ignored by many, perhaps out of ignorance, arrogance, excitement or sheer lack of care.

And any of these warnings could have escaped the eye of Chinese tourist, who was fatally attacked by a hippopotamus at Lake Naivasha, which also left his colleague injured.

Kenyans have expressed disgust at KWS’s policy of “No-innocence Project” for wild animals.

“Please don’t kill the hippo. The man’s death is sad, but he had to know the risk of getting that close to an animal known to be aggressive. I’m tired of humans infringing on an animal’s territory, and the animal ends up being murdered when they respond accordingly. Not fair,” Jessica tweeted.

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