Fund universities research, lobby tells private sector

George Kebaso @Morarak

The private sector continues to lag behind in funding research at universities despite being the biggest beneficiary of trained personnel.

A new study released yesterday shows that the government is the largest contributor of research in local universities at Sh1.85 billion. The institutions also got Sh1.16 billion from non-governmental organisations and other donors in a move that could compromise the quality of research.

A study conducted by CPS Research International between May and June indicates that 1.4 per cent of the 70 universities surveyed did not receive funds.

Research director Herman Manyora said only 4.2 per cent of universities received government research funds but got funds from industry and other donors.

According to the findings of the study, public universities still got the lion’s share of the total research funds, with the University of Nairobi receiving Sh0.56 billion.

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