I regret backing Waititu for governor, says Nyoro

The war of words between Kiambu Governor Ferdinand Waititu and his deputy James Nyoro has escalated with the latter saying he regrets agreeing to deputise the former during the last General Election.

Nyoro said the “political tribulations” he is going through came because be trusted  Waititu and shelved his top seat bid in favour of the governor.

Speaking at Musa Gitau Presbyterian Church of East Africa (PCEA) in Kikuyu sub-county on Sunday during a funds drive-cum-area MP Kimani Ichung’wa’s homecoming, he said he believes in working together for the sake of posterity and development.

The two leaders clashed again in the presence of Deputy President William Ruto who some months ago warned that he would crack the whip if the duo continues to feud.

On Sunday, Ruto, who watched in disbelief as the two leaders tore into each other, kept off the rivalry.

Nyoro, who contested the Kiambu gubernatorial seat in 2013 but lost William Kabogo, said that he has himself to blame for less than impressive leadership in Kiambu under Waititu.

“All the problems I am going through are my own making. I believed in working together and I still do and if  I am asked to choose between working together  or otherwise, I will choose working together,” he said.

This was the third time the deputy governor has expressed displeasure over his working relationship with his boss who he recently said “is the most difficult person to work with”.

Responding to Nyoro’s remarks,  Waititu said he was not bothered by “political detractors”. He said he was only interested in delivering services to residents.

A visibly angry  Waititu said his critics had no genuine reason to bash him, adding that they are doing so with e2022 polls in mind.

“I expected them to display their leadership acumen when I was away recently and things were not going on well in the county. However, all they could do was claim I am not picking their calls,” he said in reference to Nyoro’s claims that he had unsuccessfully tried to reach him on the phone.

“All voters want is services. No matter how good you talk or how united we are, they will send us home in 2022 if we don’t fulfil our promises,” he said.

In 2017, Waititu, Nyoro, Rev David Gakuyo,  John Mugwe and Aquiline Njoki, all who had declared interest in the gubernatorial seat ganged up against former Kiambu Governor William Kabogo under United for Kiambu forum and dislodge him from the top most county position.

Ichung’wa urged the duo to stop wrangling and work for the residents.

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