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Sustained war on graft and impunity assuring

The burst of energy exhibited in the crackdown on perceived lords of graft and impunity comes as a sigh of relief to many. The renewed vigour in fingering individuals suspected to have flouted regulations and lined their pockets with public funds must be hailed as a step in the right direction.

One would like to believe the full force of the law will be applied and justice served, so that lessons are learned and potential crime deterred.

Of particular concern is the emerging trend, in which Members of Parliament have been implicated in less than honourable ventures. It is distressing that the august House earned the tag a den of graft, prompting House Speaker Justin Muturi to order that the Clerk writes to MPs to facilitate in investigations.

It is heartening that both Muturi and Opposition leader Raila Odinga have asked the Directorate of Criminal Investigations, Director of Public Prosecutions and the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission to move in and probe corruption claims in Parliament.

Acts of dishonesty and perpetration of graft, especially among the ruling class, are a demonstration that fidelity to the Constitution and other statutes is questionable.

It’s worth noting that Chapter Six of the Constitution on Leadership and Integrity, though clearly worded, is a watered down version of the original clause thanks to our selfish MPs. Almost all the existing high-profile cases pending before courts are proof our law is largely good, and that enforcement has been our weakness.

Furthermore, the duplicity witnessed in layers of representation is also proof that we need to review our laws. It will be hard for the country to move forward unless we pull from a common ground and in the same direction.

The ongoing crackdown on individuals who may have dabbled in corrupt deeds must go on full-throttle until our political class attains a level of sanitation commensurate with our objectives and national ethos. Unless we read from the same script, graft will continue to undermine collective efforts to achieve any meaningful socioeconomic development.

The progress witnessed so far is a strong indication that there is political will to buttress further probe and to arrest impunity. This journey must be escalated and facilitated until the rotten apples are removed from peace-loving wananchi.

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