Elders criticise London court for judgment

Roy Lumbe @lumbe_roy

Rift Valley Council of Elders has criticised a London court for dismissing a case in which more than 40,000 Kenyans lodged claims for damages against the British government for abuse during the Mau Mau uprising between 1952 and 1964.

Led by the group’s patron Gilbert Kabage, the elders termed the decision as unfortunate, adding that the freedom fighters have been denied justice for more than 50 years.

Hearing of the case lasted for nearly a year. Kabage took issue with the reason for dismissal, where Justice Stewart of the Queen’s Bench Division of the High Court said the difference between the time the alleged atrocities took place and when the case was lodged was too long to enable a competent trial.

“We now want the Kenyan government to compensate the remaining survivors, there is no need to celebrate Mashujaa Day yet some of our freedom fighters are languishing in poverty,” said Kabage.

The 41,000 fighters had hoped to get compensation from the UK just like the 5,228 Kenyans, mostly Mau Mau war veterans, who had sued earlier and got Sh2.7 billion in an out-of-court settlement reached in 2013.

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