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Cheers to the real independent campo ladies

They say not all heroes wear caps. Some wear weaves and others make-up, but that’s not the point. Today, we wish to laud one group of non-cap-wearing heroes.

We are talking about the girls in campo who have gone against the common grid of seeking sponsors to maintain affluent lifestyles and instead, are self-made and live within their means. Girls, y’all define the true spirit of a self-seeking African woman!

They may not be chauffeured around in luxurious cars, they may not wear the most expensive outfits and designer bags, they may not fill their social media timelines with selfies at high-end hotels and great destinations, but these ladies of purpose are the real deal!

In campo, the place has turned from a hub of education where folks dig deep in book, to a real-life Tinder where them slay queens seek old blokes to dig deep into their pockets while the latter digs deep into…you know!

The adverse effect is a horde of self-proclaimed boss ladies, walking around in campus with expensive stuff and inexplicable pride and bizarre standards!

They have moved from hostels (read hoe-stels) to rented apartments in posh neighbourhoods, which have not only made them allergic to matatus (they only Uber) but also, give them an American accent.

On social media, they are the epitomes of luxury; from plane selfies to beach photos and hotel room pictures. Have we mentioned that weirdly, the photographer is never seen!

Then worse, these class-missing queens upload photos of vacations from January to December and then on their captions, they say ‘’Thank you Jesus’’. Girl, the thunder that will hit your destiny!! Why are you giving the saviour false credit?

Stop making your classmates feel like they’re worshipping a down-graded Jesus who is not sending vacation bookings their way and start appreciating your sponsor!

But while the veiled harlots keep on living off the proceeds of their “entrepreneurial’’ misadventures with men old enough to be their fathers, there are those living within their means unbothered by everything around them.

They may not wear expensive weaves, they may be ridiculed because of their inexpensive outfits or kinky hair, but these are self-made queens. Forget the slay queens! Some of these girls traverse from hostel to hostel selling assortments while others spend sleepless nights advertising their goods (from make-up to shoes).

Some of these girls spend nights in the cold on activations in clubs, struggling to make their own money. These are the real heroes! These are the real deal. Girl, if you’re struggling to achieve on your own in this hard life in Campo, walk with your head high.

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