A precious shrouded rock

I’m not bragging, but Rock House is one of the few places in Nairobi that I had not visited. I fell in love with it as I scrolled through the pictures on Instagram.  It’s one of those places that looks exactly as seen in pictures.  A lazy Saturday afternoon saw me head to the leafy suburb of Karen with a group of friends. Rock House is nested just about 40 minutes’ drive from the hurly-burly of Nairobi’s Central Business District.

As the name suggests the place is built into natural rocks with a landscape garden that draws its influence from the slopes of Mount Kenya. One of the best features is their swimming pool area where you can dive into the water from a jutting rock. Get the camera angle right and it looks like you’re diving off a waterfall.

It’s a lovely place to hold a social gathering or maybe a corporate team building exercise, easily accommodating up to 20 people.

Swimming is the only activity to take part in, but if you re foodie their menu will interest you. They have expansive menu choices with daily specials including a variety of seasonal vegetables. The only problem was their pizza menu, which limits you to four options. The Meat deluxe, Margherita and Hawaiian pizzas,which I found too pedestrian.

We passed the time snacking on pizza as we splashed around in the swimming pool as our main course took over two hours to prepare. A valuable lesson learnt is to order when you get to the place so that you don’t have to wait seemingly endless hours for your food.

Our group of four settled, after much deliberation, on having a whole chicken, half was grilled and the other half made into a curry. I preferred the curry and actually indulged more on that plate of serving. It was mildly spicy in taste but not too hot that it bothered the taste buds.

The problem with eating as a group is that everyone keeps an eye at the next piece even when plates are still full. That curry was so good that the grilled chicken was forgotten for a moment.

The only shortcoming was trying to find a secluded spot to swim in although it wasn’t enough to dissuade me from adding Rock House my top 10 favourite hidden gems in Nairobi.

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