Firmino saves Brazilian boys’ lives with Sh7.6m donation for medical treatment

Roberto Firmino has saved the lives of two Brazilian infants after donating the Sh 7.6 million (£59,000) the family needed to give the two brothers life saving treatment.

The two boys, Joao and Miguel, suffer from spinal muscular atrophy and their parents had been fighting to raise funds on social media to pay for medicine and treatment from America.

They needed to raise £827,032 for a year’s worth of treatment but were £59,132 short when Firmino and his wife, Larissa Pereira came to their aid and donated the remaining sum, according to Globo.

Parents Alex Jose de Amorim and Gracieli Schlemmer have come out to thank Firmino and Pereira, whose donation will allow Joao, six, and 11-month-old Miguel, to have the treatment they need.

Schlemmer wrote on social media: ‘Larissa Pereira, Roberto Firmino’s wife, got in contact and left my heart in peace, saying, “We are donating the amount that is left”.

‘I cried a lot because we have been waiting for this moment for a long time.’

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