Marlon Harewood swaps goals for doing up cars for EPL stars

In a career spanning 531 games, over 150 goals with 13 clubs over 20 years, it would be fair to say striker Marlon Harewood had a pretty good engine.

But today it’s engines of a different kind that occupy Harewood’s life as the former front man heads up Nottingham-based company AC13 Premier to provide top of the range bespoke cars to the sporting elite.

His impressive client list includes Harry Kane, Kyle Walker and Andy Carroll among many others in the football world and Stuart Broad (cricket) and Carl Froch (boxing).

The 38-year-old said: “I have been involved at AC13 Premier for a few years, but my partner has been running the business while I have been playing.

“I still haven’t officially retired although my last games were at Nuneaton three years ago.”

Harewood, who made his league debut 20 years ago at Nottingham Forest, first had the idea of selling top of the range cars after he says he got ripped off when he bought a sports car when he was at West Ham.

He admitted: “I was angry because it cost me a lot. It gave me the idea that I could sell elite cars but do it properly.

“I count myself very lucky that I have had a decent partner and people in our business who have had the same principles as me and made it work.

“I am very proud to ensure every quality car we sell meets the spec of the customer.”

The company get some interesting requests – including having their shirt numbers stitched into the seats.

Plus coffee machines, printers and all sorts inside.

He added: “We are more than happy to look at all requests to keep the client satisfied.”

Harewood revealed that he loved his playing career but enjoyed his best spell at West Ham between 2003-07.

“I have a soft spot for all the clubs I played for, but West Ham was something special.

“Scoring the winner for Hammers in the FA Cup semi-final in 2006 was my stand out moment.

“It wasn’t so much scoring the goal but I will never forget the ground actually shook by the sheer noise of the West Ham fans. It almost lifted me off the floor!”

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