Wedding trends to look out for

Wedding planners say weddings of the future have never looked better. Here are some fresh ideas to look out for.

Potted plants as aisle décor

Planner Ginny Au is looking to transform aisles into garden beds this season. “What better way to pay homage to the quintessential English garden than using potted plants in your ceremony décor?” she poses. “The pots themselves can be wrapped in silk fabrics to hide the pot and create a harmonious décor that blends with the natural environment,” adds Ginny.

Destination weddings that embrace local culture

An easy way to make a destination wedding feel entirely new? “Embrace the local culture,” says Lynn Easton, the planner behind Easton Events. “Exotic destinations for wedding celebrations will continue to trend for some time, especially in locations where you can get off the grid,” the planner adds. The best part of these unique places are the local traditions and customs, which make incorporating them a must-try this season.

Small wedding parties

In recent years, given a long list of sisters, sisters-in-law, relatives and friends, we’ve seen brides with huge bridal parties, some going beyond 13 maids. But, Kara Delay of Love This Day Events has predicted that brides will choose smaller groups — made up of a single maid of honour or just one or two bridesmaids. With the pressure that comes with wedding planning, more and more brides are realising the smaller the size of the bridal party, the easier it is to manage.

Indoor venues

Outdoor wedding are the most popular, but JZ Events founder Jennifer Zabinski believes that couples will reclaim indoor spaces in the future. The types of venues at the top of these couple’s lists, however, aren’t your average banquet hall. “Industrial, loft-style spaces” and “rooftops ormuseums” will be venues of choice, she explains. With high ceilings and open space, they’re just as airy as the great outdoors.

Translucent touches

With the reemergence of classic mid-century design, it’s no surprise that lucite and other see-through mediums are about to have a major wedding moment. According to Allison Jackson of Pineapple Productions, couples are opting for the modern, architectural, and clean design translucence offers. “Clear tents, venues surrounded by floor to ceiling windows, glass tables, and lucite invitations and place cards are all examples of the see-through details to come,” she says.

-Martha Stewart Weddings

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