Top five Motoring Channels

Contrary to popular belief, car enthusiasts don’t know everything about every car ever made or even all the technologies that make them work. It’s simply too much information, but you are at the very least expected to know the basics and have some car culture, understand the jargon and so on. In a bid to promote car culture, here are my top five motoring themed Youtube channels.

1. Engineering Explained

Jason Fenske is a trained physicist who turned his focus to explaining the inner workings of some of the most complex parts of a car. Using nothing more than a whiteboard and sometimes props, Engineering Explained is gaining traction as one of the best channels to learn about cars.

2. Scotty Kilmer Channel

A genuine grease monkey, with a screechy voice and a  brutally honest take on all things automotive. No gimmicks or fancy graphics, Scotty is just a simple mechanic explaining random day to day stuff about cars, the why’s and the hows.

3. Petrolicious

Are you a big fan of the classic car scene, then check out Petrolicious. The channel is dedicated to showcasing, through impressive cinematography, the rarest and most insane machinery ever made. Every video is slick, clean and leaves you wanting to get the car you just saw. Every single time!

4. Driver 61

Generally we think we’re the best drivers, it’s a human flaw based on delusion. However, if you really have the need for speed or would simply like to upgrade your driving skills, check out Driver61 where, Scott Mansell, a driver coach, runs you through the free 20 Part Driver’s University on track driving.

5. US Auto Industry

Ok so this channel, as the name suggests is based off the US Auto Industry. However scroll over to their playlist dubbed How cars work and stuff like that and discover nostalgic black and white videos explaining how cars work in a simple easy to understand manner.

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