How to overcome challenges of working and studying

Education is important to any career growth, since it is the avenue in which you open up your mind to greater ideas and the world at large.

To the working class it is, especially an uphill task to further their studies, due to work commitments and families. However, this does not mean one cannot study while working, many have done so and succeeded. Here are some ways to manoeuvre between work and studies, and succeed.

Inform your employer

This will clear you from any conflict of interest. However, it is important that your work record speaks for you, affirming that you can manage both the job and studies simultaneously.

It is also a way to get their attention, and consider you to be really eager to work for them. If possible, sacrifice holidays and breaks to show that you are serious about your job.

If you prove your dedication, it will be easy to negotiate with them a more study-friendly schedule.

Manage your free time properly

Studying while working takes up most of what you would call free time. In fact, you have to create free time in order to achieve more. For instance, you can spare time to study while travelling or during lunch breaks. You can study during weekends and holidays instead of going out. This is the time you need to sacrifice most of your leisure activities since it is only meant for a short time.

Create a study or work plan

After you have informed your boss, it is important that you give them of your study or work plan of which they should agree to. This will help them assign you appropriate tasks in good time to enable you to spare time for your studies. It will also help you manage your time properly.

The plan or schedule should entail your exam times so that colleagues and the company gives you ample time to prepare for your exams.

Ask for study leave

Kenyan labour laws allow employees to ask for study leave without necessarily resigning. It is one of the best in case you are doing a short course that requires full concentration. This means that you can fully concentrate on your study course without minding your work.

Do not overdo it

However important it may seem, let it not take up all your mind and energy or else you fall into depression and lose both. It is important you avoid falling into the extremes.

Eat well and exercise

When some people are too busy, they forego meals to create more time. This is not good, both to your body and what you are doing. You need energy to study, work and keep your body fit.

You also need to exercise to keep fit and make your mind active for easy learning.


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