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It’s time to say no to anything corruption

Attempts by big guns implicated in graft cases, some of them before courts, to stall the anti-graft war using ill-gotten wealth are not only disturbing, but criminal.

Revelations by the Director of Criminal Investigations George Kinoti that a plot was hatched to entrap him with Sh500 million bribe to go easy on the anti-graft drive, is a tacit reminder corruption can, and will always, fight back.

And by resisting to fall for the juicy temptation and candidly going public about it, Kinoti has shown those in the forefront in confronting the graft monster must be brave men and women, full of integrity and high moral standing as well as real patriots who are willing to pay the price to save the motherland.

War against graft is tough, treacherous and risky and must now be escalated to new levels and even devolved to the counties, where tin gods rule and millionaires made overnight.

As former anti-graft czar Justice (rtd) Aaron Ringera said, it is time to slay the dragon because there is the political will, public support and the law on the side of those who have taken up the sword to save the country from the jaws of the monster devouring our future.

It is gratifying that the head of investigators demonstrated by example that taking bribes is not in the DNA of the police or, indeed, other public officers.

But in broader perspective, the bribery attempt is a clear sign the war against graft is not going to be easy. There will be costs, and some massive. It is not a battle for the faint-hearted!

At other levels the graft purge will have casualties, so, those who have been calling for action must now stand firm and be counted. In a manner of speaking, Kinoti has thrown the gauntlet. Who will pick it up?

Kinoti’s is yet another reminder that even as impunity threatens the robust anti-graft campaign, those entrusted with the task of safeguarding public interest must stand firm and resist inducements.

However, it is not enough for Kinoti to go public with the bribery attempt information. We urge him to take a bolder step, name, shame and prosecute them. Bribery is crime and he should act against those perpetuating it.

This will embolden Kenyans to rise to the occasion and refuse to pay bribes for deserved services and play the whistle-blower role in this noble fight. It is time the narrative was changed for the better. It is time to say no to anything corruption.