Nyoro decries poor working relationship with Waititu

Barely two months after Kiambu Governor Ferdinand Waititu and his deputy James Nyoro buried the hatchet and committed to work together, the duo has locked horns with the latter terming the former as the most difficult person to work with.

Nyoro told a media briefing in Kiambu yesterday that ‘county leaders handshake’ in June, which was witnessed by 10 of the 12 MPs from the county was fake and aimed at pleasing Kiambu residents and Kenyans.

A visibly angry Nyoro regretted that Waititu was still running the county single-handedly and has no intention of involving other county leaders as agreed in the peace pact.

“Nothing changed after the meeting. It was a fake handshake and there was no goodwill of the governor wanting to work with the rest of the leaders. How comes you (governor) have failed to work with all other leaders if you are the right one,” he said.

Nyoro said after the June meeting, he wrote a letter to the Governor on how they would proceed  to serve  Kiambu residents but the governor never responded but instead sidelined him more from county issues “and up to now, there are  serious issues of financial  and departmental mismanagement that need to be addressed.”

“I am not selfish nor am I seeking attention, I am highlighting our progress as a government duly elected and it has been one year now but we are still not united and these are issues Kiambu people ought to know and we should not hoodwink people that we are working as a team but we are all divided and we should address serious issues affecting Kiambu residents,” said Nyoro.

Waititu while speaking in a local vernacular radio station accused Nyoro and other county leaders of inciting residents on the recent crisis in health sector and other managerial issues, which have  rocked the county government.

“The governor has been crisscrossing vernacular radio stations to address Kiambu residents rather than working for the people and accusing me of all sorts of things yet whenever I reach out to him, he snubs me,” he said.

“He visited Thailand then went to the United States, I personally called him and even sent him messages but he did not respond. I wanted us to discuss how we would run the county when he was away. I understand there are  some people who were given the mandate to run the county instead of me,” he claimed.

Senator Kimani Wamatangi last week said he has written several letters to the Governor and the County Assembly Speaker Stephen Ndichu  over mismanagement of county affairs claims but they have never replied.

“It is true the county management is wanting as there is public outcry and i have written to the governor and assembly speaker and they have never replied my letters now i am holding my whip and things in Kiambu must change,”said Wamatangi.

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