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Melody Wanjiru, 24, popularly known as DJ Mellow

Melody Wanjiru, 24, popularly known as DJ Mellow, has been the talk of the town for quite some. She has set the trends for many local female deejays with her mad deck skills and edgy that catches everyone’s eye. She speaks to Chebet Korir about her fashion journey

When dressing…I always think about the impression I want to make. It’s not about whether I feel it or not. My rule is, look like a boss in whatever you wear or however you feel.

My style reveals…my personality and lifestyle. For instance, I tend to go for more classic black and grey coats. I believe they portray my sharp personality. They also make me come across as someone who is highly sophisticated and well organised.

The wrong or right clothes affect…the way you look and feel. And while there is no piece of clothing that can make a person look unsuccessful or successful, the wrong outfit prohibits you from doing your job well, thus sending the wrong message automatically. Take your time and pay attention to what you are wearing before stepping out.

The biggest mistake women make while shopping…is not taking time to invest in well-tailored outfits.

Every woman needs…a black blazer, a black dress, an oversized watch, a classic trench coat, black opaque tights and a pull neck top in her wardrobe.

The most treasured item in my closet is…a floral dress my hubby bought me. I treasure it a lot.

If I were to pick one designer to redo my whole wardrobe it would have to be…Philip Plein. He’s a German fashion designer who is currently working the America’s Next Top Model franchise.

You will never catch me dead wearing…a one-piece sweater. I despise them. To me, they are equal to bullet bras. That’s the one fashion trend that should never again see the light of day.

I splurge more on…clothes. I can’t say I have a favourite shopping spot — I tend to shop everywhere. If I see something good, I get it.

I grew up around boys…and I thought it was cool wearing snapbacks and baggy jeans. When I started deejaying, I knew I had to step it up, otherwise I would not go far. DJ Stylez actually switched up things for me by changing wardrobe and made sure I looked like a lady. (Laughs). I changed my image completely and embraced dresses, floral, patterns and heels.

My favourite perfume is…Elizabeth Arden. It has an amazing sweet scent.

I think we follow…trends too much and forget who we are as women. Let’s all not replica what others do.

I have more than… 20 pair of shoes. From heels to flats to Converse — I’m a shoe freak.

I love…Kagwe Mungai’s style. His style is unpredictable and always stand out.

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