Milele FM unveils new presenters, programmes

Irene Githinji @gitshee

Milele FM, which is part of the Mediamax Network Ltd stable is re-launching this morning with a promise to its audience of unique and top notch entertainment.

Seasoned radio personalities will from this morning be unveiled as the station continues to spread its wings towards a greater platform for African music coupled with unique art of expressing feelings and life of the community.

The slogan, Home of African hits, remains with an additional catchphrase, ‘Mbele Milele’ The hashtag ‘ItambeMilele’ will be used to further push for the brand. Mediamax Network Head of Radio Joyce Gituro promised listeners a unique brand for entertainment the masses, in depth news on every hour and inspiration moments.

She also said the station seeks to continue to support African artists by playing their music and “there is no greater platform than the new feel Milele FM.”

“We are promising a unique brand to cater for the highest percentage of its audiences, most brands only cover a small per cent but now listeners will get what they deserve to hear all the time,” she assured.

Listeners will now be waking up to Milele breakfast show from 6am to 10am hosted by celebrated radio duo Alex Mwakideu and Felix Odiwuor aka Jalang’o. “

The two are powerful, youthful, interesting and have a high rating in radio. They are household names with a great following and appeal to the masses,” she said.

They will then pave way to the Mid Morning show running from 10am to 2pm hosted by yet another renowned pair on radio, Francis Luchivya and Jacky Nyaminde aka Wilbroda. Here, listeners have been told to ‘expect fireworks’ from the duo who appeal, connects and are appreciated by all.

A bit of daily politics will be incorporated into the show. In the afternoon, catch a dose of reggae music with Ali Baba from 2pm to 4pm. And there is a new dose of entertainment while listeners are headed home tired and trying to beat the evening traffic.

The Drive Show hosted by Yusuf Zema aka Kaka Zema and Diana Tangut aka Dee. The Drive Show will be easy, more music with less talk and also to be included will be relationship issues, a spotlight on conmen and from time to time, commercial interviews will be held.

Other shows are Rhumba Oxygen to be hosted by celebrated rhumba icon, Titi Nagwalla followed by Midnight Patrol with Jakamega, Chozi and DJ Slim from midnight to 4am.

For the first time ever, the show that acts as the ‘police station’ and not only gives update on safety across counties but will also be an entertainment avenue for travellers. It will be a point of update on late night chemists, clubs, taxi and other social issues.

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