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How wrong identity cost me ‘blessings’

MCA Gwinso

I was greatly relieved when schools finally closed for the August holidays. The fact that property in my school remained unburnt at the end of the term gave me courage to emerge from my hideout.

Perhaps you have forgotten why I went missing in action. I had accused my political rival, Alfalfa of planning to incite students to burn the only school in my ward. This led to his arrest.

Things, however, turned against me: The students threatened to burn the school if Alfalfa was not released immediately. I was blamed for their unruly conduct, and I went into hiding lest I be skinned alive. I resurfaced back home a day after schools closed. “You need strong prayers immediately,” Mama Hirohito, the daughter of my mum-in-law said on seeing me.

That man Alfalfa will finish you unless we seek divine intervention,” she declared. She then suggested – or rather insisted, that we invite a ‘prayer warrior’ she knew.

My attempts to resist this were futile – I discovered she had already made arrangements long before I returned from exile. That afternoon, fellow MCA Matayo came to see me. “Welcome back, Bwana Gwinso,” he beamed.

Just as he released me from his warm embrace, there was a knock on the door. “Welcome, Servant of the Lord,” Mama Hiro said letting in a burly figure of a man. “Everyone kneel down for prayer,” thundered the man before I could open my mouth. We obeyed and went down on our knees.

“Oh Mighty One, here I am in the house of your servant Alfalfa. I beg you to come down and listen to my prayer because you always listen to the prayers of your powerful servant.”

I excused the man of prayer for the confusion of names but I became a bit concerned when he continued, “ I pray that you protect Alfalfa who you chose to be our MCA. I pray that this hand I have laid on the head of your servant be your hand of protection.”

I got curious and opened one eye. To my surprise, the warrior’s hand was on MCA Matayo’s head! Didn’t his man know who he had come to pray for? Didn’t he know whose house this was? I turned to look at Mama Hiro, hoping she could do something to correct the mistake, but her eyes were tightly shut.

Seeing no hope, I re-shut my eye. “Mighty one, you know what the enemies of your servant are planning against him. But you know how clean hearted Alfalfa is. You know that he is willing to give generously for your work. You also know the intentions of his friends.

Oh Great one, you also know the heart of this friend who has come to visit him. If he is mean, may you make him generous too. Create in him the desire to give.” I now opened both eyes just to be sure who he was referring to. There was no mistake about it: I was the friend he was talking about because he was facing me.

I listened in disbelief as the prayer warrior continued showering Matayo (or was it Alfalfa?) with blessings meant for me. I wondered why this colleague of mine could not just be honest enough to correct the error. Why didn’t he even tell the warrior that his name was not Alfalfa? My patience, however, came to an end the moment the fellow blubbered, “Protect your servant from an evil-minded MCA called Gwinso…”

“What? I cried rising to my feet. “How dare you interrupt the powerful man of the most high?” roared the warrior, glaring at me. “This is MCA Gwinso, my husband,” said Mama Hiro, pointing at me. “And who are you?” the man asked, looking at Matayo. “I am MCA Matayo.” “That is ok, since I have already prayed for you, give what you have. “But I am not Alfalfa,” Matayo protested.

“It doesn’t matter, you got the blessings. Pay, I mean, give!” The man was now sounding impatient. “And tell this husband of yours to prepare his offering,” he said to Mama Hiro. I could not take it any more. Well, I can’t clearly recall what happened after that, but Mama Hiro has now refused to speak to me after accusing me of embarrassing a man of God. Ni kubaya [email protected]

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