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Aaarg! These marriages…a ticking time bomb

Her physique might have deceived you into thinking she was some teenager. But she sat on the very ground she hoped would do more than just accommodate her tiny body—greedily open its mouth and swallow her with one gulp, maybe.

This girl, Mwende, just sat there, defenceless with the self-esteem of a homeless mutt and allowed him to rain blows and slaps on her timid self. Every blow a reminder of how worthless she was. And as if the first and second were not enough, this man, Nzomo, kicked Mwende like she was some object.

He kicked her as if he had brought rhinos and elephants as bride price. Even if he brought in dinosaurs, there’s no excuse enough for such beastly brutality.

So, Nzomo, citing alleged infidelity believed every blow would make Mwende regret cheating on him. When such a meek woman, the type of person who doesn’t like confrontations, a woman who was clearly letting him get away with treating her like trash—she never let out a uuuui srikal saidia… however hard the blows rained on her. Strong mamaa this one.

For a moment, I was tempted to think it’s actually the strong ones who stay in abusive marriages, and only leave when there’s no more strength left in them. But I digress. Speaking from her hospital bed Mwende says her husband had been mistreating her, but she had been holding on to the marriage because she had nowhere else to go.

“He has been assaulting me most of the time, but because I was for the marriage, I persevered until this happened to me,” she narrates amid sobs. Mwende’s sister, Hellen Mumbua says the couple began having problems after Mwende’s husband married a second wife in 2013.

She says Mwende would often flee her matrimonial home when Nzomo beat her. She sought refuge at Mumbua’s house in Kithuki, Kathonzweni location. The suspect’s mother has also claimed that she began noticing changes in her son after he married a second wife. So what if Mwende cheated?

With all this handsomeness in the streets today, it would take the grace of God if she wasn’t tempted to cheat. If she found refuge, going by the claims of Nzomo, who are we to judge her? Forgive her, I mean you can’t allow a strange man—whom she doesn’t love to bomoa your home. A wise man builds his home.

Hold her hand and understand where you went wrong. Whatever became of the good old marriage institution? A ticking time bomb if you ask me…we only have a minute to salvage it. Meanwhile, arrest the coward Nzomo!

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