MP proposes ban of vernacular language in rallies

Use of Vernacular language in public gathering and rallies will soon be banned if Parliament adopts a legislative proposal by Lamu Women’s Rep Ruweida Mohammed.

Mohammed wants the National Cohesion and Integration Act amended to have compulsory use of Kiswahili in all public gatherings as a way of promoting national cohesion.

Article 7 of the Constitution recognises Kiswahili as the national language and the use of both Kiswahili and English as official languages.

However, the Lamu legislator said sometimes the diversity of languages can be a dividing factor a nation.

“The use of a common language is therefore one of the factors that can encourage national cohesion and integration,”  Mohammed said in an interview at Parliament Buildings.

“It is in light of this background, that there is need to amend the National Cohesion and Integration Act 2008 to provide use of the official languages by any person addressing a public gathering,” she added.

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