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Where dunda is for the grown and sexy

If there’s one place you’d be assured to have a good time, Hurlingham is the best place to be. It’s home to some of the best partying joints in Nairobi, including Blackyz Lounge. Located along Chaka Road, the lounge has a big reputation for offering some of the best nightlife experiences.

Incase all you you’re after is to shake the booty till the early hours of the next morning, Blackyz got you covered. The crowd is mostly grown and sexy and the joint (with some simple outline of décor and nothing much to fancy), offers its patrons with so much space to sit, socialize and mingle.

Drinks are sold at affordable prices, ranging from Sh250 to Sh350 for beers, with the bottle service coming in as a plus, ranging from Sh5,000 to Sh10, 000. They are also known for fancy cocktails that range from Sh400 to Sh500.

One thing that stood out was their service staff. The patient and courteous waitresses will wait up until you have settled in for them to take your order.

Also, the joint has theme nights, favourite to diverse genres of music. There’s usually Karaoke nights or a ladies-themed night where they cocktails are sold on discount. Fridays, however, stand out for me. Cool and laid back old ‘skool’ music carries the order. So, if your love for such kind of music is as big as mine, then Blackyz is definitely the place to go for dunda.

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