Secret to glowing skin

By Dan Njoroge

Is your skin looking dull because of lack of proper care, late nights, stress or overindulging in alcohol, chocolates and other rich foods? It may be crying for some tender loving care. Like a garden, your skin needs to be tended to carefully in order to thrive.

Get a facial: If you can afford it, treat yourself to a facial once a month. The benefits of a professional are many. You get a facial massage and a mask, which relax your muscles and make the skin glow. The fact that you are interacting regularly with a professional beauty therapist gives you the opportunity to have your skin analysed, get tips on how to care for it and the best products to use.

Exercise: Exercise is good for your body and specifically your skin, which benefits from the toning. When you exercise, you sweat and this helps eliminate toxins from your body. Exercise also relaxes you and this helps to speed up cell renewal process. Join a gym or have a home exercise routine. Walking and swimming are some of the best exercises.

Stay stress free: A hectic lifestyle can put enormous strain on your body and this can affect your digestive system and mineral and hormone levels, which can cause spot outbreaks, redness and irritation. Stressed skin looks dull and lifeless. Take time out from your regular busy schedule to give yourself a treat such as a steam or sauna bath (which are also good for opening up clogged pores), watch a movie or do anything that calms your mind and helps repair your skin.

Drink water: Water is life – there is no denying this fact. Water is the fertiliser your body needs to thrive. Without water, you would die. Drinking water ensures your body remains well hydrated. In addition, it ensures regular bowel movement to help eliminate toxins from fatty foods, alcohol and other things we put in our mouths. A well hydrated body without toxins results in glowing skin. Start your day with a glass of warm water and try to drink a litre in a day. It is best to sip water throughout the day, rather than gulp it down in one sitting. Keep a bottle of water in your bag, on your desk, in the car, and everywhere you are likely to be so you remember to drink it.

Exfoliate regularly: In addition to a scrupulous daily cleansing regime and application of good moisturising products, your skin will benefit from regular exfoliation. This encourages your skin to renew itself. Exfoliation gives your skin a little help to shed off dead skin cells. If you exfoliate your skin regularly, say once or twice a week depending on your skin condition, you will see amazing results in the time it takes your skin to replenish itself naturally – just 21 days. You should not use harsh products to exfoliate your skin.

The author is a stylist at Czars n’ Combs, Iqbal Centre, Taveta Road

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