Hidden springs of Kilgoris

I have never liked long distance travels, so when I received an invite to tour Kilgoris in Narok county, I was a bit bothered and hesitant. The six-hour journey couldn’t sink in my mind at all, but since it was not optional, I had to force the idea down my throat.

Even though the journey was supposed to start at 10am, it started one hour and half later. Not everyone in the travelling pack made it to the pick up location on time. In fact, we left a bunch of time-unconscious people behind. This was necessary because we were using safari vans and according to rules and regulations, no safari van travels past 6pm. At exactly 11:30am the vans roared to life. I strategically sat at the back left seat as I was prepared to sleep all the way.

The first half of the journey up to Mai Mahiu was good because I was deep asleep, but we had to make a pit stop. A number of hawkers selling different products surrounded our vehicle. I decided to buy some roast maize, but I remembered Narok Town was a few kilometers away. In the back of my mind I knew that Narok is one of those places you can get that delicious, sizzling and succulent nyama choma.

But trust you me, we never stopped at Narok! So, after realising the driver was not on our side, we had to insist for another pit stop at Kaplong. While there, I managed to grab some French fries and chicken since my stomach was rumbling. I was so tired and wished that I never bought that travelling idea, but all in all, I had to reach my final destination.

Along the way from our second stop, I realised that by the roadside, women were busy hawking different farm produce such as potatoes, chickens pumpkins, peas and tomatoes. Others even slaughtered the chickens for their customers right there by the roadside. Unhygienic, yeah? They seemed not to care though.

Upon arrival at Kilgoris town, we were directed to Lenamo Springs Hotel, where we were to spend our night. After that long journey I expected to be welcomed with a glass of freshly squeezed juice, considering the hotel is one of the biggest in Narok county, but woe unto me, I was so wrong.

After a warm welcome by the hotel management we were taken straight to our rooms. We had booked standard rooms and for sure, our rooms were cosy and offered more than other standard rooms I have been to. A king size bed, a 32-inch LED television, phone extension, mineral water and a safe, among other things, furnished the rooms. The room interiors were perfectly done and perfectly match their brown colour scheme.

Their à la carte menu ensured all types of diners were accommodated. The best thing about the food was that it felt fresh and well prepared. The hotel’s management assured us the food was 100 per cent organic.

Their breakfast was fairly good, but I would recommend the hotel to include more varieties of traditional foods instead of fast food. But Lenamo Springs is one of the best getaways within Kilgoris and its environs and I can definitely recommend it to my friends. However, the hotel needs to improve on some of their room fittings such as the hot shower as some were not in proper working condition.

Soon after breakfast, we embarked on our journey back to Nairobi, having have sampled a thrilling treat far away from the bustling city.

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