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A woman must cook, there is no other way to it

Food is fuel for the body. That’s simple enough even to a moron. We need to eat constantly, ideally thrice a day, every day of our lives. If you’re smart, you’ll make sure you eat the right food every single time. Fresh, balanced and well prepared. But nutrition aside, there’s another dimension to food rarely talked about and barely understood, its consciousness.

The adage, “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach,” rings true. However, most don’t understand its full import. Yes, men love to eat, and a girl who can mix it up like a pro in the kitchen will be an instant hit. Naturally, smart women learn to cook and soon bag themselves a man. But that’s but a fraction of it.

In the same way a man is expected to go out to check out a sound in the dark, a woman is traditionally expected to cook for the family. Although contemporary liberated women look upon cooking as slaving for a man, it is the very essence of marriage a woman should cook for her family.

Women are naturally possessive and selfish and this is a good thing by extension as they want the best for their husband and children. This means that when a woman goes to the market she’ll make sure to choose the best and freshest ingredients, so that her husband and children are healthy and strong.

While cooking, she is conscious of the spices that each of her family member likes or detests and what portions will satisfy them, so that they can fully enjoy the meal. Collectively, this consciousness is a mother’s love and is tasted in every spoonful. That’s the reason why everyone thinks their mother is the best cook. Her love is actually in the food! It has nothing to do with the culinary skills and everything to do with motherly affection.

Now, as is increasingly the case, women don’t know this science and have entrusted the feeding of their family to house helps and restaurateurs. They’re too busy chasing careers, so the maid does the grocery shopping, cooking and serving for her husband and children. What follows subtly is that the children and husband get more attached to the house help. The maid soon transitions into the role of mother and — if the way to a man’s heart really is through the stomach — into the role of wife as well.

By not cooking for their family, women short-change themselves and their families. The kitchen is where a wife holds together the home, her sphere of instinctual influence. Nowadays, modern men are expected to supplicate to misguided feminist demands of equality and absurd notions that they too can cook in this gender fluid world we live in. As a result, more and more homes break up because the wife is too busy in late evening meetings to notice that the maid has taken over her family. Guys, a good sign that a girl is really into you is that she constantly wants you properly fed. If you’re serious about settling down, you won’t take seriously a woman who can’t cook.

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