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GIZMOCHAT: Dida – Musician

Which is your latest gadget?

Samsung Galaxy A6 Plus.

How does this gadget help you as an artiste?

For personal and business communication and to stay connected online by sharing my work out there via social media and to capture moments everywhere I go.

What do you love most in it?

I particularly love its operating speed and camera. I love taking photos and this phone is just the ideal gadget for me. Don’t even talk about the sleekness!

What’s your most valued gadget that you wouldn’t trade for anything?

Hmm… At the moment, I think all the gadgets that I have are replaceable. Hahaa… Maybe including the phone.

Your worst gadget ever and why?

I had a phone, I can’t recall the brand though, that had a memory capacity of a warthog, quite literally. The RAM was so low that hanged all the time and I used to get so angry over it, especially when handling a serious matter on it.

Which is your most expensive gadget and how much did it cost?

Our music studio equipment. My husband and I own a music recording studio, but I may not divulge the actual cost of the equipment, but I can say it cost us an arm and a leg.

Which gadget do you use the most and why?

Quite certainly, that has to be my phone. It is one gadget that keeps me connected to the outside world. Actually, it’s my world.

What would you be if you were a gadget?

A singing robot. Music is my life and I’d spend the rest of my life just singing.

Presently, what’s the gadget you’d upgrade and why?

I’d love to upgrade the phone, maybe to a Samsung S9 Plus. The phone has an arousing sleek design, a top-notch camera and the speed is just supersonic!

The gadget you always wish you had.

A mobile phone that stores its power for a long time, and I mean a long time. Like a week or so.

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