Motoring: Life saving speed

Why did you go for this particular bike?

I’ve been riding motorcycles for over 20 years and I wanted something that was both powerful and reliable. Honda, be it a car or bike, is reliable. This particular bike is powerful and yet quite forgiving to ride. It has a wonderful power to weight ratio, which will blast you off the line while at the same time, the power delivery from the engine to the tarmac is controlled. For a sports bike, it is a user-friendly machine and even someone not used to riding big bikes can start on this one easily.

What do you love about it?

I bought this bike in 2015 and it’s the current undefeated champion in Super-Bike Racing. Because it’s controlled and easy to corner in, I find it to be easier to push harder than other bikes. I also find that we gel really well. When riding, I can tell how it wants to be ridden and it can tell what I need, adrenaline wise. I would go as far as to say that it gets me. I actually call it Angel Gabriel, so in a sense when I’m on it, I feel as safe as riding on my guardian angel’s back.

Sentiment aside, it’s also quite practical in my career. Because I’m a surgeon, I’m able to rush anywhere faster than any car in case of an emergency, enabling me to save more lives than I would if I used a car. It’s made me the preferred surgeon in quite a number of hospitals because I can get there in a short time.

Any drawbacks?

Not with the bike, but I would say bikers have a long way to go in this country. The number of big powerful bikes making their way into the country particularly troubles me. There seems to be a surge in the influx and most of them end up in young inexperienced hands. Young riders need training to get the skills to handle such bikes. Unfortunately, our colleagues on boda bodas seem to be on a mission to tarnish the reputation of riders and take us all down with them.

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