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Little star: Meet 7-year old poet

Marcella Akinyi

Tell  us about yourself

My name is Samantha Navuri Theonas. I am seven years old and I go to Buru Buru 1 Primary School.

When did your passion for writing poems begin?

I began writing poems when I was just five years old.

How did your parents react when they learnt about your passion?

They were excited and they always encourage me to work hard at it, as it’s my talent. My mum writes many poems to help me maintain the art, and also trains me when she is free.

How do you balance writing poems and school?

On weekdays, especially when I’m in school, I focus on schoolwork. I listen to my teachers and play with my friends. During the weekends, when I’m at home and free, I concentrate on my poems.

How do you sharpen your gift?

It’s all about persistence. I practise as many times as I can. My mum too has been of great help in making me better.

Who are your role models?

My mum and dad, Stella the Machachari actress and Mzee Mwamba the Mother-in-law actor.

Where have you recited your poems?

I recited my poems this year at the Kamukunji Sub-County Madaraka Day celebrations, at St Andrew’s church, at the Kenya National Theatre, and at a chief’s baraza. Last year, I recited my poem during the campaign period in front of political leaders.

Advice to other children?

Have confidence, respect and high self-esteem. Also, practise what you love to do.

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