I’ve been in hell, says abused woman

Winfred Mwende Nzomo, 33, who was caught on camera being beaten to a pulp by her husband in Kathonzweni, Makueni county early this week has braved an abusive marriage for 18 years.

The mother of three aged 14, 11 and 10 respectively married Daudi Nzomo, a local livestock broker, in 1999.

She said they were a blissful couple until ‘her man’  developed a love for extramarital affairs.  With tears rolling down her cheeks at  Makueni County Referral Hospital yesterday, Mwende said the father of her children changed when he started having extramarital relationships.

“He has been dating a woman in the neighbouring town and whenever I ask him about it, he threatens to kill me,” she said. Hell broke loose on Monday when Nzomo attacked her while grazing their cattle in Kya -aka village, beating her senselessly leaving her for dead.

Asked why he could have viciously attack her,  she said: He accused me of infidelity. It was just a cover up of what he has been doing behind my back.”

  The neighbours watched helplessly as the man kicked and slapped his wife who was sitting helplessly on a dusty and sun-scorched road in Kathonzweni. He never relented until he was sure she was no more!

A video clip that was captured by one of the spectators later went viral prompting the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Noordin Haji  to order immediate arrest and prosecution of the suspect.

In the video clip, the helpless woman is heard pleading with her husband not to kill her. She was later rescued by a Good Samaritan and rushed to hospital.

Nzomo, who has been on the run since Monday was yesterday arrested at Nguu Market in Kibwezi more than 100 kilometres from the scene of crime. He is held at Nguu AP camp.

Confirming the arrest, Makueni County Commissioner Mohammed Maalim said police had to use force to save the suspect from angry residents who were baying for his blood.

According to Nzomo’s mother Theresia Daudi, his son’s wild character was habitual. She vividly recounted of a day when he threatened to kill all the family members when he was questioned about his ‘mpango wa kando escapades’.

“I was called by children telling me that their mother was lying in the bushes unconscious. I rushed there, found her head lying in a pool of blood. She could not speak at all,” said Theresia.

On the fateful day, Nzomo was heard saying that he had received a call from a friend who hinted that his wife was herding livestock with unidentified man. “But I was just alone, he insisted that I am cheating on him saying that he must kill me,” recounted Mwende. In 2013, the couple almost separated after Nzomo assaulted Mwende. Family members intervened and the matter was settled at the family level.  Makueni County Women’s Rep Rose Museo condemned the incident.

“Our Kamba men are known for loving their women but not assaulting them, a man who beats a woman  is a coward,”she said.

Makueni County Referral Hospital director Emanuel Laiposia  said the victim is in stable condition.

“It was an emergency case but we resuscitated her. She has soft tissue injuries, swollen eyes and legs but she is responding quite well,” said Laiposia.

The suspect is set to be arraigned in court to answer to charges of attempted murder.

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