Mentor Sacco building sets pace for Murang’a town

The face of Murang’a town is changing fast, with modern and elegant buildings being put up brightening up the once dull town.

A new 10-storey building owned by Mentor Sacco (pictured) has set the pace for other investors putting up buildings in the central business district. Joyce Ndegwa, Chief Executive Officer for the Mentor Sacco, says the idea of demolishing the old building at the site was prompted by their struggle for office space.  She said they had made several renovations but this did not solve their problems.

The Sh500 million building is now the tallest in the town. It offers ample underground parking, lifts and spacious rooms to suit various activities. “Our sacco has occupied two floors and the rest will be rented. We are targeting cooperate clients and several of them have expressed interests in leasing parts the building,” she said.

According to Jeremiah Kamau, the town’s management officer, investors are gradually warming up on Murang’a town’s future.   He said in a span of two years, his office has approved plans for 58 commercial buildings within the town and its environs.

Kamau said most of the old dukas would be demolished to be replaced with storey buildings. “About 20 buildings within town have already been demolished and the owners want to put up taller ones,” he said.

There being no land for expansion within the town, he says, this will create space for the businesspeople. Investors who have kept their land parcels idle for a long time are also rushing to set up buildings as demand for houses and offices rises. This has given rise to more estates sprouting in previously idle land. 

Construction of the proposed dual carriageway from Kenol town through Murang’a to Sagana town has also fuelled demand for land along the route. This route is deemed to be shorter compared to Kenol- Makuyu-Sagana.   “This road will set to triple the value of property in the county from Kenol town to Sagana town in the neighbouring Kirinyaga county,” he added.

An influx of colleges including the new Murang’a University has also boosted the growth of the town.

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