Senate team says Gideon ‘blocking’ Solai report

Baringo Senator Gideon Moi yesterday scuttled debate on the report of the ad hoc committee on the Solai tragedy after he argued that the matter was sub-judice.

Hardly had the committee chair Mutula Kilonzo Jr risen to table the report than Gideon raised a point of order, saying the debate should not proceed as the matter was already before a court of law.

However, Gideon’s sentiments sparked uproar from senators who unanimously called on deputy Speaker Kithure Kindiki to let debate “proceed in public interest”.

Kindiki deferred the debate to today afternoon, to enable him prepare a ruling on the matter before Members can proceed.

Senators accused Gideon of scuttling the debate for undisclosed interests. “The senator has failed to declare his interest on this matter. Is he a business partner with Patel or any of the witnesses?” Kilonzo Jr asked.

Erected roadblocks

But Gideon protested the accusations, saying the Makueni senator’s remarks amounted to imputing improper motive.

Kilonzo insisted Gideon’s  objection had no basis. “This matter is not sub-judice. What Gideon does not know is the principle of sub-judice is weighed against public interest.”

Samson Cherargei (Nandi) claimed by attempting to stop the debate, Gideon was “erecting roadblocks on his path.”

Judith Pareno said the principle of sub-judice did not apply as there were no active court proceedings when the Senate began probing the circumstances surrounding the killer dam. “Members have been threatened so that they don’t table this report. Only five of nine signed the report. This issue is just another roadblock,” she declared.

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