Mama Ngina Drive, public beaches set for Sh600 million facelift

The scenic Mama Ngina Drive in Mombasa town will be upgraded at a cost of Sh400 million to attract local and international visitors.

Tourism Cabinet Secretary says part of the money will be used to construct a waterfront to offer  better views of the ocean. “We have the money and are ready to roll out the project to boost tourism,” he said.

Visitors to the Coast often look forward to enhancing their vacations by visiting Mombasa tourist attractions to enable them to relax and unwind. However, moving around Mombasa Town can be pretty hectic, especially if you’re not used to the soaring temperatures and high humidities. Mama Ngina Drive is a good alternative; it is a famous recreational area that attracts hundreds of guests.

Balala also announced that Mombasa county beaches will be upgraded at a cost of Sh200 million. The project involves routine beach cleaning, provision of lighting systems at night as well as 24 hours security surveillance to ensure beach operations continue until late at night.

“We want 24-hour beach operations. We must open up our beaches at night if we want to give our clients the best experience,” said Balala.

The CS said the tourism sector is targeting four million foreign vistors  and 26.4 million domestic tourists. This will increase the number of direct jobs in the tourism industry to 561,800 by 2030 and make the sector more competitive. “The initiative will transform the country into an innovative, booming, vibrant, flexible and connected tourism destination,” said Balala.

The sector recorded a double-digit rise in earnings just under Sh120 billion in revenue receipts, a 20.3 per cent growth in revenue compared to Sh99.69 billion recorded in 2016. The strong growth was underpinned by a 9.8 per cent growth in total international arrivals by air, sea and cross-border in 2017 to 1.47 million tourists from 1.3 million arrivals in 2016. 

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